Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Second Stage

My very dear friend Miss Ellyce Michelle Coulson is getting married on Sunday.

And just as I finished writing that last sentence it really hit me! Woah!!! As she often reminds me, “we have been friends since we were five years old!” So the fact that she is getting married on Sunday is a BIG deal to me. She is the first of our friends to get hitched and to be completely honest I CANNOT believe we are already at this point of our lives. This sounds like something old people say but I actually do feel like we were JUST in year 6 on our way to our Canberra trip! I really do not feel any older than that – apart from when I look in the mirror… blah!

I am very excited for her and feel blessed to have been asked to be a bridesmaid for her. This is a huge milestone in all of our lives.

I guess this is part where I accept the fact of life and move on. If I have to get philosophical, I guess that we all have to grow up at some stage and there is no point in fighting it cause it’s going to happen anyway! This is where my new theory comes into play and I should embrace and capture this time of our lives!

It should be a beautiful day – will upload photo soon x

The Selby

Was browsing Gywneth’s (Paltrow that is – first name basis now, you know how it is!) website GOOP the other day and came across a fabulous site called “The Selby”

“The Selby features photographs, paintings and videos by Todd Selby of interesting people and their creative spaces”

There are some awesome shots and some amazing interiors of properties and residences of designers and noteable people across the world. Absolutely love it.

Here is one of my favs from Upstate New York at the moment x


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Phuk It!

This month six of us girls went to Phuket for a holiday of nothing but pure relaxation and bliss! It was a very needed getaway for most of us and we really spent our time doing 'phuk' (expect a few more of those puns!) all!

In the seven days that we were on the island it mainly consisted of lazing by Patong beach on the sun beds (100 baht to lay down!), lazing by the pool/s at the hotel (there were three to choose from), shopping up a storm in the markets and eating eating eating! I think i ate Thailand out of Pad Thai (no exaggeration i had it at least once a day) - there were some fabulous ones and some not-so-fabulous (e.g. the slimy noodles Stef and I experience at Kata Beach). Overall though, the food was magical!

The highlight of the trip definitely have to be the day trip to Phi Phi Islands. This was the place where the movie 'The Beach" was filmed. It was unbelievable - to the point where words dont describe it. You just need to go there. On the way there we stopped at Khai Island (which is where i took the umbrella photo above) - this island was like a screensaver - the perfect colour water and the whitest and finest sand you have ever seen (it was almost like white flour)! The weather was fabulous too.

All in all it was a winner trip. So glad to have had a week of doing nothing - it was long overdue and to go with the girls was a real treat too. love them all. xx

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

to blog what?

Just sat at my MacBook and went to type my second blog but nothing came to me!

Since then, I have had a little thought about how I am going to go about this ‘blog’ thing and how I should write it. I have done a little bit of research on the French fashion blogs i follow. they all seem to write whatever comes to then and its obviously usually about fashion - i want to include more than that in my blog though. i love materialistic things (it is a weakness - to others i will cover it up as a "hobby" but we do all know that it is pretty selfish) i dont want my it overtaking my life.

There are the options of daily, weekly or monthly?? There is the option of making it more like a diary, discussing issues and feelings i go through day-to-day or i could make it a 'things i love' page where i talk about fashion, food, fun (girlie stuff).... hmmmm Maybe i should choose a topic per week that relates to what happened that week or I could talk about things from the past?

i might just sleep on it. this is me - indesicive and a perfectionist!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Capturing the Brightside

I have always been pretty against tattoos. Never really seen the point or got why people wanted to brand themselves like cows. But lately I have been really drawn to the word capture and would definitely consider 'branding' myself with this word to remind myself to "embrace each day and emotion". I guess its like I have been trying to ‘discover’ myself (whatever that means) and have figured that with all the shit in my life of late that I should “look on the Brightside” and make the most of it. I figure that if I just embrace and capture everything that is going on at least I am LIVING. Like actually LIVING life. I am experiencing soooo many emotions that some people will never have the opportunity of experiencing… yes, i will admit, they are pretty shit emotions a lot of the time but how much of a better person does it make you??

I don’t know… it definitely does sound gay but I am the epitome of trying to ‘live life to the full’ this year. And for those people that have stumbled upon my blog and don’t actually know me – don’t be fooled by my seemingly positive outlook – I am probably one of the most negative people (I like to call it realistic but have been told its just plain negative of late) but am trying this new motto in life where I, as mentioned before, look on the brightside and ‘capture’ each moment cause I don’t want to look back in 20 years and say I should have made the most of that situation while I was in it!!!

Hence the title of my new blog.

Kell xx