Tuesday, November 17, 2009

to blog what?

Just sat at my MacBook and went to type my second blog but nothing came to me!

Since then, I have had a little thought about how I am going to go about this ‘blog’ thing and how I should write it. I have done a little bit of research on the French fashion blogs i follow. they all seem to write whatever comes to then and its obviously usually about fashion - i want to include more than that in my blog though. i love materialistic things (it is a weakness - to others i will cover it up as a "hobby" but we do all know that it is pretty selfish) i dont want my it overtaking my life.

There are the options of daily, weekly or monthly?? There is the option of making it more like a diary, discussing issues and feelings i go through day-to-day or i could make it a 'things i love' page where i talk about fashion, food, fun (girlie stuff).... hmmmm Maybe i should choose a topic per week that relates to what happened that week or I could talk about things from the past?

i might just sleep on it. this is me - indesicive and a perfectionist!

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