Monday, November 16, 2009

Capturing the Brightside

I have always been pretty against tattoos. Never really seen the point or got why people wanted to brand themselves like cows. But lately I have been really drawn to the word capture and would definitely consider 'branding' myself with this word to remind myself to "embrace each day and emotion". I guess its like I have been trying to ‘discover’ myself (whatever that means) and have figured that with all the shit in my life of late that I should “look on the Brightside” and make the most of it. I figure that if I just embrace and capture everything that is going on at least I am LIVING. Like actually LIVING life. I am experiencing soooo many emotions that some people will never have the opportunity of experiencing… yes, i will admit, they are pretty shit emotions a lot of the time but how much of a better person does it make you??

I don’t know… it definitely does sound gay but I am the epitome of trying to ‘live life to the full’ this year. And for those people that have stumbled upon my blog and don’t actually know me – don’t be fooled by my seemingly positive outlook – I am probably one of the most negative people (I like to call it realistic but have been told its just plain negative of late) but am trying this new motto in life where I, as mentioned before, look on the brightside and ‘capture’ each moment cause I don’t want to look back in 20 years and say I should have made the most of that situation while I was in it!!!

Hence the title of my new blog.

Kell xx

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